9:30 am for Bible Study
11:00 am for Worship Gathering

Remodeling is finished!


We share our pastor with:

Both the Burrillville Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Wickford Seventh-day Adventist Church. They are our frequently reffered to as our "sister churches". We get together for certain events and special activities. Announcements are made in service.


Going Green:
Did you know we went green in a number of ways since fall 2016! In fact, as far as we have been able to find, we are the first church in Rhode Island to put solar panels on our building! Isn't that exciting! We think so. 

Our solar panels can be viewed when you enter our building. We are blessed to have one array in two places on our roof consisting of 30 LG300N1K-G4 and to answer your next question; yes they are feeding the grid.  We thank Wattsun Solar for the fantastic opportunity that they helped us on every step of the way. 
Curious about how much energy we are generating? Check it out here